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Winter blues?!? No, thanks!

As we begin our 2nd year in a pandemic world, it’s easy to get engulphed in the slew of resolutions. The “New year, New me” and “#NEWGOALS” mantras would depress anyone, especially if you’ve struggled to keep your head above water during this last year.

As such, Fit by Design would like to provide you with a more holistic and realistic approach to ascending to your best self. These steps can easily be followed or amended to what works better for you.

1. Daily accomplishments

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a good reminder that anything worth pursuing,

requires constant work. Make a list of things you wish to accomplish and work on it throughout your day. Before bed, take a moment to congratulate yourself for completing your tasks.

2. Be intentional

In order to succeed in anything, you must be intentional about doing the work. This means

“checking” yourself and addressing those pesky bad habits.

3. Give yourself grace

It is honestly the hardest step since we have a tendency of being very hard on ourselves. Since you will be doing daily work, allow yourself to celebrate the things you’ve done well and renew your intention for the things you could have done better.

4. Protect your energy

I know this will be appear difficult but don’t hesitate to be selfish. Your energy will carry you

everyday as you work towards becoming your best self. It is then important for you to protect

and replenish it. That means not being afraid to say “NO” to anything that will drain you.

5. Take a moment to regroup

According to Urban dictionary, the word “Regroup” means to simply take a moment to calm

yourself in order to be more effective. Make sure to always take a moment for yourself. This

means taking stock of where you are, how far you’ve gone and how far you still need to go. You can do this by meditating, journaling, creating new affirmations and accomplishments if needed.

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